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If a restaurant fulfills the needs of the people, then what is the need of a cafe? In the first place, is a cafe a distinct thing from a restaurant? Or it is just a modern term to refer to a restaurant? In fact, a cafe in some Asian countries may refer to a restaurant. However, for many European countries, a cafe is quite different. For example, is Starbucks a restaurant or a café? It is a cafe. We will see in this article some criterion on which to judge whether a place is a restaurant or a cafe.

First, let us understand their purpose. Restaurants have a history of over a thousand years, as they existed as places in Rome where people came to eat food. Perhaps because of the lack of personal kitchens. Also, inns or hotels have offered ready-made breakfast and dinner service for a while.

People use a restaurant as they can feed on food, sometimes delicious food, without them preparing the food. This saves a lot of time for people who have to tend to their crafts. Hence, people have used places like restaurants a lot. But if a restaurant serves the purpose of eating, then what is the need of a cafe?

Actually, there is some need as people want not only to go outside to eat food, but they also want an informal place where they can do some recreational work or get together. In fact, that is where a cafe comes into the picture. In fact, the cafe industry has grown a lot in modern times, and the explanation below will help you decide which one you should choose for which occasion.

Should I go to a restaurant or a cafe?

I summarized some of the common differences quoted by people about them in the table below to help you decide that.





A place meant for breakfast, lunch, and dinner A place that offers snacks for most of the daytime


Full course meals include 3 or more dishes and have appetizers, desserts, main dishes, etc.


Mostly have things like coffee, cappuccino, and may have sides like ice cream.


Is comparatively more expensive


Is comparatively less expensive


Meant for eating and leaving


Meant for light eating and sitting for some time (e.g. for work or talking)


Is an ancient thing


Is comparatively new


Has servers that serve you


Usually has self-service


Which has a better business model, restaurant or cafe?

Restaurants are for full-course meals. Hence, people can come from far away to taste the food and satisfy their hunger. In fact, people order many dishes simultaneously. Hence, the restaurants can create deals that have multiple food items at a discount when ordered together.

It’s so that customers find it easy to order food. Furthermore, restaurants earn from multiple food items and they price the food items high because of the ingredients used in cooking, the staff hired to serve the customers, and other expenses.

Therefore, a cafe is safe from many expenses because it doesn’t need many servers. In fact, it only needs one or two staff members that can oversee the serving of food to the customers. Usually, the process is automatic and the staff member may only do the accounting. However,a cafe is more dependent on its regular customers than a restaurant. In fact, a cafe that loses its daily customers because of any reason is most likely done for.

A cafe fulfills the demand of people who want to get a quick dose of energy for the day. A cafe also offers its customers time to sit down and talk business. That’s why a place like Starbucks has become very famous. As it offers a place for people to sit down and talk over snacks.

Hence, it is necessary to build a cafe in a moderate to high-density population area so that a lot of daily customers can come. Also, if the cafe is even a little away from their route or has some inconvenience, then the customers may skip the cafe.

Which is better for health, restaurant or cafe?

A place like a restaurant would be better. Because a restaurant is a place that offers proper food and the food satisfies hunger. Also, the food is healthy and is supposed to supply the body with energy. Hence, the food should be highly nutritious. For example, main dishes may include meat, vegetables, bread, etc.

A cafe has more snacks than proper food. Hence, eating at such a place is not a substitute for regular breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Furthermore, food at a cafe may not be too healthy. However, that could soon see changes because of the health consciousness that is developing in people nowadays. But, right now, unhealthy food chains, like the fast-food chains of KFC, McDonalds, and others, are on the rise and they are throwing other businesses out.

Closing and opening times of restaurant and cafe

The cafes are most busy in the morning hours and some other rush hours. Hence, it is a necessity for cafes to open very early in the morning and the operations may begin as soon as 6 am or around that. But as the physical tool of this work is quite high, it means two things.

  • That either the cafe hires multiple staff for morning and night shifts.
  • Or that the cafe closes before the evening time.

Hence, you may find that most places that offer light snacks close their doors around 3PM. But most restaurants may run even around midnight like 11PM. However, their opening times may start after the breakfast time of people.

News about the impact of fast service food on restaurants.

A cafe and a restaurant are different in their goals, as I explained above. Hence, they wouldn’t usually disturb each other too much. However, as I mentioned above, there’s a big trend of people going to fast-food chains for their meals and this does not mean well for other restaurants. In fact, according to QSR magazine, just recently, five full-service chains got into the fast-food business as well. This shows the impact of fast-food chains on the restaurant industry.

Marketing of restaurant vs cafe

A cafe is a business that thrives through the number of its daily customers. In fact, the more frequent customers it has, the more it is successful. On the other hand, a restaurant doesn’t require its customers to visit every day. In fact, it can thrive just fine if its customers visit a few times a month.

A restaurant can look a little old-fashioned, as it is the food that counts the most. However, a cafe needs to adapt consistently to the needs of its customers so that it stays relevant. Hence, the marketing plans of a cafe need to include a revamping of its image, building, and perhaps even food now and then, according to the needs of the locals.

The marketing plan of a restaurant should be just that it creates better food, incentives people to bring other people, and arranges memorable celebrations at its place.

Questions and Answers—Q&As

1)Which is better for families, restaurant or cafe?

Obviously, Restaurant. A cafe is a place for sitting more than it is a place for eating. For an outing with the family, a person would usually want a place that also satisfies hunger, and a restaurant or cafe fits that requirement more than a cafe. Excellent restaurants would usually cater to families with children and will have things like child chairs and other special things to cater to customers.

2)What is a perk of a cafe over a restaurant?

A cafe is a good place for arranging meetings with people. While a restaurant offers its customers fresh hot food in a few tens of minutes, the restaurant also requires its customers to leave right after eating food.

A cafe gives snacks and drinks almost instantly and it also doesn’t require its customers to leave right away. Hence, people can take the snacks, eat them by taking their sweet time, discuss something, study something in the informal environment of the cafe and then leave after an hour or two.

3)Which is better for celebrations, restaurant or cafe?

The answer to this question depends upon the celebration. Is the celebration meant for a small group or a large group? For a small group celebration like among some students or a get-together where people need to talk with each other, a cafe can suffice as it offers some snacks and drinks. But for a large gathering where people don’t need to stay after the event, a restaurant would be better as it has a more formal environment where people can satisfy their hunger more.


A restaurant is a formal place to go for celebrations and full meals, while a cafe is an informal meeting place for students, entrepreneurs, and other people, where they can also get something to eat while doing their work. Also, the Marketing plan of both businesses is different, one relies on taste and the other relies on improving its atmosphere.

A restaurant is more expensive than a cafe on average in Europe, but check reviews of a place before visiting it for the first time. Furthermore, the food at a restaurant is healthier than the food at a cafe.

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